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Axera Medical Care provides high-value services, tailor-made solutions and making the health treatment journey in Turkey as pleasant as it can ever be.

About us

Welcome to Axera health service

We are aiming to provide the best medical services for our clients all over the world. With our variety of connections with elite hospitals and clinics in Turkey.


Close flight distance


Affordable treatment cost


Modern medical technology


Qualified personnel


No waiting time


Variety of touristic activities
World best health treatment at most affordable cost

How the total process works

We also take care of their transportation and accommodation during their visit to Turkey. We will be their guide and service provider not only for medical treatment but for touristic experiences.

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Pre-Treatment instructions and arrangement

Arrive to Turkey, we receive you in the airport

Accommodate in the hotel

Bring you to the health facility

Follow up your treatment

Follow up after treatment

From Istanbul in the heart of Turkey, AXERA Health care presents to you a unique experience of Medical and health care, starting with free online professional consultation, receiving you at the arrival , assisting you through each step in your medical treatment until you complete your experience in Turkey in Total satisfaction and better health.

Our unique services are described here on our sophisticated website. We hope you enjoy your experience with Axera.
Our scope is covering almost everything in health and medical treatment, from general and complete checkups, dental and plastic surgeries, hair transplants up to complicated surgeries, we also provide services for rehab and meditation programs.

We are the experts

Our team of full-time and part-time doctors and specialists has the experience and connections to guide you through your medical journey in Turkey.

Free consultation

We offer free of charge medical consultation for any case needed. Before medical treatment, consultation is provided by Top class doctors in the field.


We have a wide range of varieties and clinics that covers all that you need with different levels that can match your budget.

Best price gurantee

We guarantee the best price in Turkey for the same quality level and consistency of service quality.


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Post treatment followup

We will follow the outcome of the treatment up even after the patient returns to his country to make sure that the outcome of the treatment is as planned.

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