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5 Celebrities who are enjoying veneers!- with before & after photos

Veneers are the simplest way to get a perfect smile and guarantee an aesthetic appearance for your teeth.
It’s a visible layer of a specific material that covers the front surface of a tooth, it can fix so many dental issues like stained, chipped, crooked or damaged teeth. They can even help conceal uneven spaces between teeth.

If you have been thinking about getting veneers, here are some celebrities who had it and how it made a huge difference in their lives and careers. You will notice how their faces got that charming look with only a simple procedure of veneers.

1- Nicolas Cage

At first, Nicolas Cage appeared with his normal teeth and performed a couple of roles that way. But after a while and to be able to get more roles, he definitely knew that he must get veneers to improve his smile. As it plays a great role in getting a charismatic role in any movie, he also didn’t want to lose his fame because of the un-appealing look of his teeth.

2- Cristiano Ronaldo

Many celebrities in the world have had humble beginnings and Ronaldo is one of them.

Of course we can notice the big difference the Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had with his smile. As dentist Dr. Rhona Eskander explains, he had a total overhaul for his teeth, that started firstly with braces. Before the smile makeover, Cristiano had a missing upper right incisor, so braces were essential to straighten his teeth and to create space for an implant. Implants are also a very helpful solution when it comes to fixing an unarranged smile, uneven alignment of Teeth or missing a tooth.

3- Morgan Freeman

As noticed, he had crowded teeth with wider angles and a minor pigmentation .
While Morgan Freeman was born with a natural acting talent, he wasn’t born with perfect teeth though! But after getting the suitable veneers, it made his grin even more attractive.

Making it shiny, whiter and more arranged ,giving them a more even appearance, and filling the gaps left by his missing teeth. The result is the white, even smile we know so well today!

4- Miley Cyrus

While she had admitted so many times to having lots of work done on her teeth, yet she didn’t specify what kind of services she had. But it's actually so easy for any dentist to tell just from any before and after photos.

5- Chris Rock

Chris Rock had to have a lot of cosmetic dentistry done. It was reported that he paid for his mouth makeover from the salary he earned working on their movie 1997 flick, “Lethal Weapon.”

What do veneers actually do ?

Thus, it is more than remaking your teeth. Veneers actually transform the shape of your face. As you age, your mouth elasticity and muscles change, which makes your face look less symmetrical. It gives you a younger look by supporting your mouth's musculature and accentuating your cheekbones.

Structural factors have an important role when it comes to your facial overall look. For example, bone structure, nose shape, and jaw alignment. But also the size and shape of your teeth have a significant impact on the look of your face.

Dental adjustments like the veneer process helps at giving fullness to your face, accentuating your cheekbones, making it appear more pleasing to the eye.

The color is also an important fact that we all notice. As we grow older, our teeth lose their whiteness because of the staining agents we take, ex: some types of medicine, coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, etc. The teeth can also lose their vibrant color over time due to just wear.

You can definitely see how veneers totally altered their appearance, giving them more confidence and enhancing their overall facial look. Which we all dream of, but back then it was too expensive and was limited only to celebrities who want to invest in their appearance.

Also it helps protect and strengthen the surface of the teeth, so it’s not only for cosmetic reasons but also it can offer a more conservative and less invasive solution for some medical issues, like tooth decay, cracks, and chips.

You can enjoy other different oral & dental care services before, after and even with veneers.

Hollywood stars rely on veneers as a guaranteed way to protect and restore their teeth, refreshing their charismatic smiles. Veneers can accomplish the same for your teeth, restoring or transforming your smile so naturally that no one will know you have veneers—just like you can’t tell which celebrities have them. If you’d like to learn more about veneers and how they could help you, feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation so you can  get that smile you are dreaming of, with the most suitable type of veneers for your teeth and the perfect fitting.

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