Spas and thermal treatment

Healing thermal waters, in other words hot springs, are used for complementary medicine. Thermal waters have therapeutic properties in many diseases, such as rheumatic, orthopedic and skin diseases.

Rheumatic disorders

  • Chronic rheumatism types are diseases that negatively affect the life quality of patients. Thermal water treatment has an important place in reducing the complaints caused by these diseases, which mostly cause limitations on movement and pain. Thanks to thermal water treatment, daily life quality and comfort of patients with chronic rheumatism diseses can be increased. It is possible to achieve highly important results in relieving pain as a result of baths taken under the control of a physician. Thermal water is used as a complementary treatment element in chronic low back pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, as well as non-inflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and soft tissue diseases such as myositis, tendinitis, trauma and fibromyalgia syndrome.

Orthopedic disorders

  • Effective results are achieved in the treatment of orthopedic disorders thanks to thermal water. Thermal water therapy has an important place in the rehabilitation of joint stiffness occurring after orthopedic or skeletal system operations, sequela from accidents or surgeries, joint freezing and muscle stiffness. It is seen that fractures can be healed in a shorter time, post-disease disfunctions can be recovered and effective results are obtained in mobilization treatments carried out after long periods of immobility such as brain and neurosurgery thanks to thermal water.

Neurological disorders

  • The relaxing and calming effect of water provides positive results in the rehabilitation of neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, celebral palsy (spastic), and polio, for which rehabilitation is critical. Performance of these applications under the supervision of experts has a critical effect on the success of rehabilitation and treatments. Providing the right environmental conditions is also among the factors that affect the results. Thermal water also have benefits in reducing complaints such as spiritual tiredness and mental fatigue.

Dermatological diseases

  • The physico-chemical changes of our hyperthermal water (at 40-42ºC) over the skin surface through hydrostatic transmission, absorption, and accumulation in the skin have a facilitating effect on the medical treatment of many dermatological diseases. The most important of such direct effects of hot spring waters on the skin surface is acceleration of superficial blood circulation. After a spa cure, positive changes in hair structure, shiny and healthy appearance of hair, and vitality in the appearance of skin are observed. Thermal water offers a healthier life for everyone young and old alike by slowing down biological wearing of cells and aging rate.

Brain (Cerebral) vascular diseases

  • Healing practices, which are considered as a part of ‘Wellness’, integrated with various massage and similar applications are performed successfully for rehabilitation of stroke sequelae, treatment of stress and stress-related disorders, and general stress disorders such as neuroveggative dystonia.. Healing results are also obtained in different conditions such as hemiplegia (paralysis of a part of the body) and paraplegia (paralysis of both lower legs).

Nephrological diseases

  • Thermal water has positive effects in the treatment of nephrological diseases related to the urinary system including the bladder and urinary tract, particularly the kidneys. Thanks to its structure containing molecules and particles, thermal water increases the amount of blood filtered from the kidney, which positively affects the detoxification process. Thermal water helps kidney stones to be removed from the body and helps in the treatment of diseases such as intestinal diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, urinary bladder inflammation (cystitis).


  • Thermal water has positive effects in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as inflammation spread along the nerve (neuralgia / synuralgia), nerve end inflammation (neuritis / polyneuritis), tendinitis, and joint membrane inflammation (periarthritis).

Arthritis, muscle aches and sciatica

  • There are different types of arthritis (osteoarthritis), such as joint calcification (arthrosis) and spinal calcification (spondylitis), which is a kind of degenerative disease that causes joint pain and stiffness in their movements and deformities in later periods. Thermal water is one of the most effective methods used in arthritis treatment. In addition to all these, it is effective in reducing muscular pain (myalgia) and sciatica complaints.

​Respiratory diseases

  • Thermal water has benefits for the treatment of various respiratory system related diseases, such as asthma (bronchial asthma), chronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory tract diseases, and lung diseases caused by prolonged inhalation of various dusts or chemicals (pneumococcus).