Axera'ya Hoş Geldi̇ni̇z


AXERA Sağlık turizmi ve medikal hizmetleri İstanbul Anadolu yakasında yeni kurulmuş bir firmadır. Dünyanın her yerindeki müşterilerimize en iyi tıbbi hizmetleri sunmayı hedefliyoruz. Türkiye'deki seçkin hastaneler ve kliniklerle olan bağlantılarımızın çeşitliliği ile müşterilerimizin tüm ihtiyaçlarına uygun farklı hizmetler ve paketler sunabiliyoruz.

Axera Vizyonu: Dünya çapındaki müşterilerimize birinci sınıf hizmetler sunan Türkiye’de Sağlık turizmi sektörünün ana oyuncularından biri olmak.

Turkey is one of the best destinations for health and medical tourism because of many factors, such as the location, quality of the hospitals, accreditation of many medical institutes, reasonable cost and ease and speed of service.

Our scope is covering almost everything in health and medical treatment, from general and complete checkups, dental and plastic surgeries, hair transplants up to complicated surgeries, we also provide services for rehab and meditation programs.

Our staff has professional physicians as well as high quality sales and marketing pros that can by this combination mix between the medical experience and executing the service in the best professional way of customer satisfaction.

What we are offering is personalized tailor-made packages that integrate with services before and after treatment with a reasonable price and premium level of service and that is what we can promise to our clients.

We are glad to serve our clients in 4 different languages with a 24/7 call center.


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We are the experts

Our team of full-time and part-time doctors and specialists has the experience and connections to guide you through your medical journey in Turkey.

Free consultation

We offer free of charge medical consultation for any case needed. Before medical treatment, consultation is provided by Top class doctors in the field.


We have a wide range of varieties and clinics that covers all that you need with different levels that can match your budget.

Best price gurantee

We guarantee the best price in Turkey for the same quality level and consistency of service quality.


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Post treatment followup

We will follow the outcome of the treatment up even after the patient returns to his country to make sure that the outcome of the treatment is as planned.

Why Turkey?

There are diverse reasons why people go out of their own country within the scope of medical tourism. One of the most important reasons for the flow of patients towards Turkey is the availability of high-quality services at more affordable prices compared to the countries they live in. While it stands out that there are hospitals with modern, quality service, qualified personnel and advanced technological equipment; your trip to Turkey for health tourism will also allow it to be combined with other types of tourism possibilities. This will make your trip much more enjoyable.

01. Close flight distance

In terms of health tourism, the value of distance and time is really important. With its short flight distances, Turkey offers the opportunity to reach most countries with a flight time of 3 to 5 hours. This is why dozens of countries in the East, West, North and South choose Turkey for Health Tourism. Thanks to its geopolitical location; diversity is increasing in Turkey.

02. Affordable treatment cost

Even though medical services offered in Turkey are at an advanced level, the pricing is more affordable than in other countries. This situation makes it very advantageous in cases that require long-term hospitalization or treatment.

03. Qualified personnel

The education level of our physicians is at high western standards. Due to both the method of our health system and advanced health tourism, our physicians and healthcare professionals have gained high practical experience in various patients and treatment methods.

04. Modern medical technology

Turkey has made high technological investments in recent years. Particularly, the investments made in the health system seem to be ahead. The biggest reason for the high investments made in the field of health is the development of health tourism and providing quality service. Turkish Hospitals have high infrastructure and technology.

05. No waiting time

There are a total of 1534 hospitals in Turkey. Besides the large hospitals and facilities, there are 251,182 hospital beds and 47,800 intensive care unit beds.

06. Variety of accompanying tourist activities

All four seasons are experienced in Turkey and there is a tourism region suitable for all seasons. Turkey is the 6th choice in the world for tourism, excluding the health tourism destination center. Istanbul is the 8th in the leading city destinations worldwide for tourism.Source: statica.com